Our approach to "Assure Quality"


Our approach to "Assure Quality"

Assure Quality

Meeting & exceeding customers' expectations is essence of our expertise. As neither two projects nor the goals of two customers are same, therefore we make sure right from the start to fully integrate customer objectives in our work flow. We are continuously improving our services to provide best value to client.

Sting Facility Services provides the best possible client service by attracting and hiring the most qualified people available and by holding to a standard of excellence in everything we do. Our facilities service projects are modeled after highly successful programs and include the following:

  • Hiring the "BEST": Sting Works have a diverse and long-term employee base, that result of our safe, healthy and fun work environment. By offering and encouraging career development programs within our company, each of our employees is encouraged to reach their own personal best.
  • Professional Development: The extensive knowledge and experience of both in-house and outside instructors are utilized to provide the right tools, training, and support for professional growth.
  • Single Accountability: With Integrated bundles management of different facilities services (multiservice, technical, safety, documents, etc.) It helps to amortize management costs on bigger volumes of services.
  • Proactive behavior: Listening, understanding and getting ahead of our customer's needs by implementing innovative methods & process which helps accountable on the long run by complying with our current commitments without compromising the future needs of our customers.