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Human Resources

Our FM Services commands the best people as Facility Managers and Caring Soft Services team. Our people are the source of our strength. They provide our reputation and vitality. Involvement and teamwork are our core human values. Trust and respect are essential to these values.
Our people work tirelessly to maintain client facilities. Intensive training is provided to ensure that every staff member is equipped to provide professional services to all clients.

Service Culture

Customer Satisfaction is a central focus point for each one of our staff and reflects in our daily activity. Our commitment to customer service is the focus of everything we do. We work keeping in mind our customers requirements. We strive to make contact with Facilities Management a pleasant experience.


We continuously strive to improve the quality of our services. We have a checklist system and procedures that ensures the quality and efficiency of our services. We do this by continuous audit, review and improvement of our processes and systems by ensuring that what we do is measurable. Quality in our business processes is measured through quality indicators.

Sustained Performance

Sting Facility Services, through it´s resources and Innovative Management ensures the Facilities Management is at a level, consistent with Global bench marks.

IT Integration

In Sting Facility Services, IT plays an important role for service delivery, Operation and business contracts. Our IT Team develop customized IT Solutions for its service delivery for Sting Clients for convenience of reporting and data generation.

Self Management

Our Service Philosophy is to create value for our clients by providing quality services through our Self Management and Integrated Approach systems To offer consistent quality services to all clients, Sting Facility Services has introduced the concept of Self Management. This means, we deploy our own manpower for the range of services offered across various facilities. This ensures undiluted service quality, consistency, uniform work culture and healthy corporate ethics. Our self-management services expertise extends across all management levels within the organization, ranging from the low-end support system to the top bracket management.